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Action Design/Stuntvis

A form of visualization which uses 3D assets and physical simulation to plan live-action stunts.


Methods used to manipulate still images to appear as moving. Can be traditional, computer-generated, real-time, etc.


The art and technology of motion-picture photography.


The control of artistic and dramatic aspects of a project.


The process of revising raw footage and other source material into a final version.

Performance Capture

A combination of motion techniques to encompass an actor's entire performance.


The team or person whose responsibilities include development and financing.

Production Design/Art Direction

The team responsible for the overall aesthetic of the story and set design/construction.

Real-Time Engine

A software development environment designed for the creation and display of real-time interactive content.


The specific area of responsibility for an individual on a production project.

Systems Integration

The process of assembling components from different vendors into a single, integrated solution.


The process of determining the position and orientation of a camera or other object relative to the scene.

Virtual Production

The intersection between the real-time crew, art department, VAD, physical production, visual effects, and post-production.


The process of creating or manipulating imagery outside the context of a live-action shot.

Volume Operations

The team of artists and engineers operating the equipment that drives a smart stage or any space used for virtual production.