The Virtual Production Glossary is made possible with generous support and input from the Visual Effects Society, the American Society of Cinematographers, Epic Games, and Netflix.

The initial version of the content was written and edited by Noah Kadner, Addison Bath, Michael Keegan, David Morin, Miles Perkins, Ben Schneider, and Sebastian Sylwan, VES.

A special thanks to the many industry professionals who generously provided their time and input for this glossary, including Ben Grossmann, Casey Schatz, Girish Balakrishnan, Matt Rank, Adam Davis, Brittany Montero, Curtis Clark, ASC, Stephen Rosenbaum, Dane Smith, John Refoua, ACE, Kim Richards, Matt Madden, Michael Goi, ASC, Phil Galler, Rob Legato, ASC, Susan Zwerman, VES, Wyatt Bartel, Fae Corrigan, Vlad Bina, Steve May, Haarm-Pieter Duiker, Fernando Rabelo, Rhiannon Murphy and Heather McCann.


The database of virtual production terms contained in this site is made available under the Creative Commons CC-BY-4.0 license. Please send feedback using the button below to request a .CSV formatted copy of the current database. All other contents of this site are © The Virtual Production Glossary.


The Virtual Production Glossary intends to document terminology, definitions, and describe roles actively used in virtual production. The Virtual Production Glossary is not the arbiter of virtual production terminology nor roles, rather it is intended to record terms and roles in active (or historical) use. The target audience is the diverse set of production members working or aspiring to work in virtual production. Each term should be understandable by the wide array of disciplines and technical levels on a virtual production.

The criteria for inclusion in the VP Glossary Terms are:
•Terms must be in active use on productions or of historical significance
•Definitions should be concise and understandable by the widest array of production members.
•If a guild with expertise in the field has defined the term, we defer to that definition and may link or cite.

Submissions for inclusion should:
•Cite examples of usage wherever possible.
•Prioritize brevity and clarity over absolute completeness.


We encourage community feedback and welcome suggestions for new terms and updates to existing terms. Please feel free to reach us via our Discord server or via the button below.


Version 1.1
February 24, 2022

Feedback from Discord and Web Submissions

IES and FIZ definitions. Submitted by Jim Geduldick.
Jerk and Jounce definition. Submitted by Chris Lawrence.
OSVP/On-Set Virtual Production definition. Suggested by SMPTE.
Zintegrator definition. Submitted by Leonard Barrit.
Assets changed to Digital assets. Submitted by Tommy Kiser.
Extended reality enhanced. Submitted by Y. Reyneke.
Genlock definition enhanced. Submitted by Glenn Kelly.
OSC definition corrected. Submitted by Jake Alexander.
USD definition enhanced. Submitted by Ted Pallas.